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Well, I made another funk

by Kim Lajoie on July 14, 2015


Not really a full song yet, but this time around I put some more thought into some kind of definitive beginning and ending. Some more buildups and breakdowns would do well, but in the absence of an actual song, I feel that it’s more like a jam. Also, it’s pretty clear I need to start thinking about the mix. The mix you’re hearing is very rough – not much more than basic levels and EQ. And while it’s not obvious in the video, I need to start paying some attention to gain staging too. Maschine was outputting very hot (as is the default), which ended up clipping my external recorder the first few times around. I got it sorted this time, but adding in live vocals is going to make it much more important.

So what went well? I’m quite happy with the sound palate that I’m exploring here. Native Instruments finally fixed the problem of Quantise affecting CC data (stupid stupid stupid!), so I think next time I won’t have to be manually quantising each part after I record it. I also remembered to send the click to my headphones so it wouldn’t be recorded. That’s nice. I’m also getting the hang of doing scene/pattern/pad changes on the fly.

So what’s next? I’ve got a couple of vocalists lined up, and a few more who are keen to get in on it. It’s a whole new level of complexity, but it’ll be fun.


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