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by Kim Lajoie on January 31, 2015

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I’m a producer!

As I try to do every year, I’ve updated my personal website ( One of my big challenges this year is to get better at being warm and friendly. As a producer, that means a friendlier photo, more context (studio in the background), audio examples and testimonials.

A producer helps artists make recordings. Yes, that often means positioning microphones, adjusting EQ, choosing the best reverb, etc. But it’s so much more than that. Beyond project management and business management, it requires empathy. That is, the ability to understand how another person is feeling. Music is how we tell stories about feelings. And my job as a producer is to make my artists sound more like how they want to sound (rather than making sound more like how I want to sound). If I’m going to do that at all, I need to know how they want to sound. If I’m going to do it well, I need to understand their creative direction. And in a quarter-century of music, I’m yet to meet an artist for whom creative direction is not intrinsically linked to their emotions.

Dem feels.

And artists (or anyone, really) will only open up to someone they trust.

I know that being warm and friendly is what I’ve always been weakest at. I’ve become much better in the last ten years, but I still haven’t been been very good at communicating that I can be warm and friendly. So, this is something that I’m making a priority. Part of that means opening up a little more myself – providing more information about me, being honest about my weaknesses and shortcomings, telling a richer story about who I am and what I do.

Human connection.


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