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This is What it Means (part 1)

by Kim Lajoie on January 9, 2014

So, I made this:

This is what it means. This is the raw and honest peek behind the curtain. Eight Obsessive Music artists talk about life, music, hopes and fears. I made this video to remind myself of how it feels to be an original artist. As a Melbourne-based producer and promoter I work with artists from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives on life. Sometimes what makes each one different is surprising. Sometimes it’s what they have in common that’s surprising. For this video series, I asked eight of my favourite artists to talk candidly about music, life, insecurities, excitement and pushing forward through difficult times.

Featured artists in order of appearance:
Jennifer Kingwell (
Mel Wilkinson (
Jeremy Doolan (
Larissa Agosti (
Steph Hickey (
Mark Joseph (
Simon Levick (
Brett Cusack (

Obsessive Music is at:


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