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Inspiration is for amateurs

by Kim Lajoie on January 12, 2013

Maria Popova, quoting Tchaikovsky: There is no doubt that even the greatest musical geniuses have sometimes worked without inspiration. This guest does not always respond to the first invitation. We must always work, and a self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood. If we wait […]

New Year’s Resolutions… really?

by Kim Lajoie on January 4, 2013

This is a nice big long post and I’m going to give you some gold in the second half, but first let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Ok, what are some of the usual suspects? “I’ll spend more time making music” “I’ll buy less gear” “I’ll read the manuals for all the gear I already […]

How to tell if you’re not good enough

by Kim Lajoie on May 24, 2012

I’m a big believer in self-education. By reading the theory and applying it in practice, you can develop the skills and experience necessary to make amazing music. But self-education is not simple. In any particular field, there are many different skills that you need to combine in order to get the result you want. For […]

Know yourself – for the sake of others

by Kim Lajoie on March 1, 2012

I recently had an experience where an artist let me down. Put simply, she promised something that she couldn’t deliver, and didn’t give me a chance to find alternatives in time. This is what happened: I asked her if she could do a thing for me,which needed to be done by a certain date, and […]

Recording engineers who make so sense

by Kim Lajoie on January 28, 2012

Joe Gilder: I hate to break it to you, but the FedEx guy will never deliver better recordings. Better recordings happen when you commit to being in the studio and doing the hard (but insanely fun) work to get better…using exactly the gear that you own RIGHT NOW. Double negative aside, this is excellent advice […]

Developing work ethic

by Kim Lajoie on August 1, 2011

If you want to do big work, you’ll need a good work ethic. I’ve touched on work ethic previously. It’s your ability to get things done. Having a good idea is a start, having a plan is great, but the real difference is in doing the work. That’s what separates the dreamers from the achievers. […]

Don’t make good music. Make amazing music.

by Kim Lajoie on March 21, 2011

Anyone can get sidetracked. Sometimes it happens quite naturally. The distraction is easier, faster, more gratifying than putting in the hours of work to get a result. When I speak to a musician or composer or producer, I can usually tell how connected they are to their work by how much they talk about gear. […]