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Using reverb in the mix

by Kim Lajoie on April 7, 2014

Reverb is a tool that’s easily recognised and often overused. Reverb is one of the best tools for enhancing the sense of space and depth in a mix. It works by adding a wash of sound – called the tail – directly after the original sound. This tail usually simulates the kind of sound heard […]

Reverb is not that important

by Kim Lajoie on March 3, 2014

Yes, I know I’ve published a lot of words about reverb. A lot. I quite like a lot of reverb. Chances are you do too. There’s something about reverb that’s much more magical than other mixing tools. Maybe because it’s the tool we use to bring back an illusion of reality (after sucking it out […]

The shape of reverb

by Kim Lajoie on February 17, 2014

In my reverb guide, I cover the four elements of choosing and programming a reverb for a mix (dry/lush, short/long, shallow/deep and natural/unnatural). In the guide, I explain how to choose the reverb characteristics that will work for your mix, and how all the usual reverb parameters should be adjusted to create such a reverb.  […]

New reverb guide!

by Kim Lajoie on December 13, 2013

Well, how about that. My reverb guide is finally finished. It took me much longer to write this than I expected. It turns out there’s a lot to know about reverb. Who would have guessed? Anyway, 6500+ words later, this is the definitive record of everything I know about mixing with reverb. Short of actually […]

Monitoring with reverb

by Kim Lajoie on May 18, 2012

No, not that monitoring. I’m talking about feeding a reverb-processed version of a singer’s voice back into her/his headphones as s/he is recording. Don’t do it For years I’ve preferred to give singers no reverb in their headphones. The intent is that they can clearly hear the details in their voice and thus deliver a […]

Make your synths bigger!

by Kim Lajoie on January 10, 2011

Everyone wants bigger synths, don’t they? What’s the secret? Is there some miraculous plugin or hardware device that the Big Names know about (and keep secret from all the anonymous internet jerks)? Or maybe it’s a special combination of side-chained multiband mid/side compression alongside fully parametric dynamic EQ and three different limiters is series (in […]

Six ways to get bigger beats

by Kim Lajoie on September 13, 2010

Who doesn’t want bigger beats? Well, maybe your neighbours. But maybe you don’t like your neighbours. Who am I to judge? I just supply the tools. It’s up to you to use them ethically. Here are some quick tips: Depth. Separate your drums into two groups – main foreground drums (kick and snare) and secondary […]

Reverb on the mix-bus

by Kim Lajoie on October 7, 2009

Under most normal circumstances, using reverb on the mix bus is no different to using a send on every track, with every send set to the same level. Usually this it not a good idea – it’s better touse sends to apply reverb in different levels to different tracks. Some sounds can ‘take’ more reverb […]