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Poetic devices

by Kim Lajoie on April 25, 2011

Who here writes lyrics? Who here works with lyricists? If so, you might have experienced the difference between functional lyrics and poetic lyrics. Functional lyrics tick all the boxes – they make sense, they rhyme in all the right places, they tell the story, etc. But somehow they’re boring. They don’t move you. They’re not […]

Preproduction: Rehearsals

by Kim Lajoie on December 13, 2010

Practice. Seriously. Do it. You wouldn’t believe the number of times an artist has brought in an unrehearsed musician to a recording session. It’s a time-waster to be sitting in the studio with a bunch of people waiting around while the guitarist figures out what chords to play. Ditto for singers: Know how to look […]

Preproduction: Enhancing expression

by Kim Lajoie on December 6, 2010

Music is expression. It is a way of expressing ideas, aesthetics, and emotions. There are things that can be expressed through music that cannot be translated to any other medium (including written language). When I speak with an artist about expressive range, I’m referring to the range of variance in a particular aspect of the sound. […]

Preproduction: Clarifying creative direction

by Kim Lajoie on November 29, 2010

Creative direction can be a real ‘gotcha’ when working as a producer with an artist. First of all, it’s absolutely critical to be clear who is the creative director for the project. As a producer, my projects roughly fall into two categories: The artist is the creative director. For these projects, the artist has a […]

Preproduction: Tightening structure

by Kim Lajoie on November 22, 2010

Another important aspect to consider in preproduction is the structure of the song. For vocal songs, this is often addressed when working on the lyrics. Sometimes this is enough, sometimes it isn’t. Approaching structure  separately is often necessary when there is a strong instrumental component to the song. This includes vocal songs that have distinctive […]

Preproduction: Polishing lyrics

by Kim Lajoie on November 15, 2010

Last week’s post mentioned polishing lyrics as one aspect of preproduction. Typically, an artist will present a song to the producer, and the producer will work with the artist to improve the lyrics. Often artists get precious about their lyrics – and for good reason – because they’ve worked long and hard to come up […]

About preproduction

by Kim Lajoie on November 8, 2010

Preproduction is an interesting topic. If you’re a solo composer/producer, you might never have encountered it. If you’re a singer/songwriter about to record  in a studio, you might be wondering what it is and whether you need it. If you’re a producer working with an artist, either you know this or you need to know […]

How to practice effectively

by Kim Lajoie on October 25, 2010

Every skill requires practice. No matter what it is you do – composing, performing, producing, engineering… you need to practice in order to get better at it. Whether you’re learning how to play an instrument or learning how to use reverb, there are four things that you must do in order to practice effectively: Practice […]

Don’t make better mixes. Make better music.

by Kim Lajoie on August 23, 2010

Stop it. No really, stop it. Stop focussing on the mix. There are more important things to focus on. Your mix is fine anyway. Newsflash: The mix isn’t really that important. Sure, a good mix helps the listener understand and enjoy the song. But a good song is still a good song regardless of the […]