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Rock what you got

by Kim Lajoie on June 25, 2013

This post was originally published on The Pro Audio Files. A home studio begins innocently enough. A laptop, a basic audio interface, a mic and a MIDI keyboard. Boom! Home studio! You spend some time getting excited and try to record anything and everything. And you start reading online. And the gear lust starts to […]

…and the worms come out of the woodwork

by Kim Lajoie on March 15, 2012

Well, it looks like all ten of my readers had something to say about yesterday’s post about sexist language. Vincent, George, Ilter, Shane: Thank you for your calm and  rational response. I appreciate that you were able to respond without resorting to name-calling or other derogatory insinuations about my upbringing. I don’t mind it when […]

Is sexist language ok if you’re an audio engineer?

by Kim Lajoie on March 14, 2012

Graham Cochrane: For all you ladies out there reading my blog (and I know there are some!) I apologize for the terminlogy [sic]. But the honest truth is your mixes are never done by themselves. You could tweak away for years and still find things to “improve” or try. The only way to be done with […]

Know yourself – for the sake of others

by Kim Lajoie on March 1, 2012

I recently had an experience where an artist let me down. Put simply, she promised something that she couldn’t deliver, and didn’t give me a chance to find alternatives in time. This is what happened: I asked her if she could do a thing for me,which needed to be done by a certain date, and […]

Are singers more sensitive than other instrumentalists?

by Kim Lajoie on December 12, 2011

Have you worked with singers? Have you worked with other musicians? Have you found that singers – generally – are more sensitive than other musicians? Have you found that they respond differently to criticism? Perhaps they take it more personally? If you’ve spent any serious time as a producer or engineer working with other musicians, […]

What artists need

by Kim Lajoie on July 25, 2011

What do you think artists need? As a producer, this question should be at the top of your mind. Before I go on, have a guess… Do they need time to practice and hone their craft? High quality instruments? A record label to provide funding and expertise? A good rhyming dictionary? Oh, I know – […]