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Everything you wanted to know about de-essing but were too afraid to ask

by Kim Lajoie on November 28, 2011

Simply, de-essing is a process for reducing the level of sibilance in a vocal recording. What is sibilance? Sibilance is characterised by ‘sss’ and ‘ts’ sounds (and, to a lesser extent, ‘t’ and ‘k’ and ‘z’ sounds) in the English language. Unlike vowels, sibilant sounds have a relatively low (in volume) pitched component and a […]

Vocal processing

by Kim Lajoie on May 1, 2009

My usual vocal processing chain consists of several stages: Gate, EQ, Compression, De-Essing, and reverb (as a send). Gate This is first in the chain so the gate has the full dynamic range of the original audio. The more natural the dynamic range available to the gate, but easier it is to set the threshold […]