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Visual feedback in plugins

by Kim Lajoie on October 24, 2011

When you’re starting out, it’s useful to use plugins that have numeric values and visual feedback. Big frequency graphs in EQ and transition diagrams on compressors are extremely valuable in helping you understand how these tools work. Bonus points if the tools have animated meters and graphs that dance along with the music. It’s a […]

Frequency analysers and mastering

by Kim Lajoie on May 24, 2010

Sometimes frequency analysers can be used in mastering. Of course your ears should be the ultimate decision maker, but an analyser can be useful as a ‘second opinion’. It can help sway you one way or another if you’re unsure about something. There are, however, some issues to keep in mind when using frequency analysers […]

Spectrum Analysers

by Kim Lajoie on April 26, 2009

Are spectrum analysers a useful tool or a distracting diversion? It’s been written in many words and at many places that spectrum analysers are a Good Thing(tm). They let you see what you can’t hear, help you overcome deficiencies in your monitoring environment, and help pinpoint problem areas. Having said that, I don’t use spectrum […]