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Submissions for the next compilation

by Kim Lajoie on July 26, 2013

Ok, let’s do this.

Like last time this is fairly low-key. It’s to showcase some of the great music that you all are working on.

The end result will be an album that’s released for free download and publicised here and a few other places around, including in association with Obsessive Music. See the previous compilation for an idea of what to expect. The tracks will be available for free download.

What to submit

The previous compilation had a strong emphasis on electronic music, but it’s not a bias. I’ll feature any music that floats to the top, regardless of style or genre.

Ideally, I’m looking for a representation of a sound or creative direction that you’re working on at the moment. It’d be great if you’d submit something that you’ve recently finished in the last few months that you’re proud of. It’s not an absolute rule, though. Use your judgement. Your last track that you’re really proud of might be from six months ago.

Obviously, the track should be one that you’ve composed yourself or had significant contribution as a co-composer.

Your submission can be mastered, but be prepared to provide an unmastered uncompressed audio file on request.

How to submit

Send an email to with:

  • An attached MP3 of your track
  • The name of the track
  • Your artist name
  • Your real name
  • Full track credits

Use ‘artist name – track name’ as the email subject.

The MP3 should also be tagged with the title of the track and your artist name in the relevant fields.

What happens next

I’ll keep submissions open for a couple of weeks – until 9 August. I probably won’t check that email address before then, so if you have any questions you should post them below as comments on this page. Chances are if you’ve got a question then several other people are wondering the same thing.

Once submissions close, I’ll listen to everyone’s music and choose the best for inclusion on the compilation. I’ll choose mainly based on composition and engineering (recording/mixing). If you’re a regular reader, you should know what I’m looking for in composition and engineering (if not, just trawl the archives). My personal taste might also come into it, depending on what you submit.

Those that get picked for the compilation will be contacted to provide an unmastered uncompressed version of their track. I’ll then master the compilation, prepare artwork and publish by mid/end August.

Rights and all that

Obviously, you have to own or control the appropriate rights to do this. If the music and recording copyrights are co-owned (for example, if there are collaborators or a label involved), you need to have permission from all owners. I’m not going to make any ownership or royalty claims here – you’ll still own your own work and you can do whatever you like with it. That includes releasing it, remixing it, broadcasting it, licensing it, selling it, etc. Anything. If you’re managed and need legals, contact me directly on

Like I said, if you’ve got any questions, please post them directly below as comments.


5 thoughts on “Submissions for the next compilation

  1. sylvio says:

    Wicked, Kim..can I send 2 songs? Its hard to choose

  2. Kim Lajoie says:

    Probably best if you choose one. If I let people submit more than one, then my listening time will expand geometrically. To put it simplistically: If you’ve got two on your shortlist, then one is better than the other.


  3. sylvio says:

    [then one is better than the other.] that is true!! ..I will send my initial choice

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