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Rate of change

by Kim Lajoie on September 8, 2014

Rate of change can be understood along the continuum between sudden change and gradual change. Rate of change in music refers to the way the music moves from one section to another. More broadly, it refers to the breadth and depth of the changes in a piece of music.

Sudden change is what happens when there is a large amount of change in a short space of time. This change can be across any musical parameters: Pitch, harmony, rhythm, density, texture, volume, etc. The bigger the change and the shorter the transition, the more sudden the effect is.

Gradual change is the opposite. This is what happens when there is a small change or a long transition. Any sudden change can be made softer by either reducing the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ sections or by making the transition time longer.


One thought on “Rate of change

  1. beetphuc says:

    Being a ‘beat’ maker since 1985 and having been through all sorts of online material I have taken notice that everyone has become way too technical when it comes to approaching creative expression (music or otherwise). It would be nice if people returned to the old ‘analog’ way of creating music where it involves the soul. Things now are way too synthetic where before there were multimedia computers we had to do things the old analog way where it involved more soul. I do wish all the best of experiences in their expression and encourage folk to remember their souls…that spot in the middle of their very bodies.

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