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No-one reads a comic strip because it’s drawn well

by Kim Lajoie on December 29, 2013

Seth Godin:

No one goes to a rock concert because the band is in tune. They have to be close enough to not be distracting, but being in tune isn’t the point.

This is something that I think a lot of engineers and producers lose sight of. The production doesn’t have to be technically perfect. Even the performance doesn’t have to be technically perfect. Of course, it has to be good enough that it’s not distracting. But we’re not shooting for technical perfection. We’re shooting for emotional connection.

I’ve often said that technology is best when we don’t notice it’s there. When we can get on with what we’re actually trying to achieve. When we can communicate and connect freely and easily. And that applies to music too. We’re not here to mess around with gear and twiddle knobs and make the waveforms line up perfectly. We’re here to make music. We’re here to tell stories about feelings. The technology exists to serve that goal – no more, no less.


2 thoughts on “No-one reads a comic strip because it’s drawn well

  1. Petri says:

    Food for thought!

  2. Sparqee says:

    “Distracting” is a word I’ve long used as a measure of what is musically acceptable. Is my guitar amp noisy? Yes, but within the context of a particular arrangement is it noticeable and if so is it actually distracting? When a typical person listens to music they don’t listen to the tone of a particular instrument or for that matter they don’t usually listen to a particular instrument. They listen to the song. They listen to the music. Unless…… something in the arrangement/recording/performance is so distracting that it pulls their attention away from the music.

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