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Mix at lower volumes

by Kim Lajoie on January 14, 2012

Joe Gilder:

Mix at a level where you can still comfortable hold a conversation with someone next to you.

Excellent advice.

Everything sounds great loud, but you’ll quickly tire yourself out and lose perspective. In addition, it’s often important to listen at several different levels when mixing. I like to think of the monitor level as similar to a ‘zoom’ control. Sometimes you want to zoom out and see the big picture of how everything fits together. Other time you’ll want to zoom in to focus on the detail of a track. Too much zooming out and you won’t see the details. Too much zooming in and you’ll be overwhelmed and lose perspective.


3 thoughts on “Mix at lower volumes

  1. rich says:

    excellent. like that one

  2. Wow the zooming comparison is such a great one, totally agree.

  3. Rory says:

    This is actually a revelation I came to recently myself.

    It came to me after some occasions when i’d have to either use headphones or keep it down and so did some mixes rather quietly and realised it really made a difference to my perception to the mix itself … so i kept doing it.

    Zoom in … zoom out.

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