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Josh Freund – Clutching At Fading Memories

by Kim Lajoie on March 31, 2013

(If you can’t see the player above, click here to listen to the track)

Produced by Josh Freund

What I love:

This a really lovely reflective piece. It moves well, it says everything it needs to say, and it’s sweet to top it off. Maybe it’s a bit cliché to end an album with a track like this, but I couldn’t resist. It’s just lovely, and really needed to be part of this project. Compositionally, it’s a great study in thematic development too. I love the way the main theme is grown and extended and varied and recontextualised.

What could be better:

Some more natural room ambience and background would work well. At the moment it sounds like disembodied notes hanging in a shapeless, characterless room. I didn’t (and almost never) add any reverb in mastering, so the ambience you hear is the ambience of the original.


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