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It’s like getting a new pair of speakers

by Kim Lajoie on January 29, 2012

David Schober:

There’s something that happens when the door closes. I’m able to hear balances that I don’t hear when inside the room

Yes, you’ve probably heard this advice before. What occurred to me, however, is that by changing the frequency response, room resonance properties and stereo image, it’s a bit like listening to a different pair of speakers.

So if you’ve only got one pair of speakers and can’t (yet) afford another, walk around your room. Or outside your room. Find a spot where the music sounds very different. Note that spot, and treat like a new pair of speakers. It’s not quite the same (it won’t give you a more accurate sound than your current speakers), but it’ll give you a different perspective that can help you understand the sounds behind the speakers.


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