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Fight through the suck

by Kim Lajoie on November 18, 2013


You will suck.

In fact, you probably already have.

Maybe you still do. And I hope you will again.

It’s not a bad thing. That’s how you know you’re ambitious enough. You’re trying something new. You’re pushing past your comfort zone.

Every future expert starts out in the suck. No-one is born great. They fight through the suck to attain expertise, to build their skills, to develop their capabilities. You too have to fight through the suck before you can become an expert.

The suck feels demoralising. The suck feels like it’s easier to give up. It’s hard, and sometimes it hurts. That’s always the truth. You’ll doubt yourself. Potential partners and collaborators will walk away without saying why. Anonymous Internet jerks will take you down just for the fun of it. You’ll compare yourself to your idols and you’ll be demoralised when you don’t measure up. It hurts.

But reaching for expertise means knowing that there’s something more important than how much it hurts.

Keep going.

Fight through the suck.


2 thoughts on “Fight through the suck

  1. sylvio says:

    Thank you Kim

  2. Robert says:

    Brilliant and inspiring!

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