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Changes to consultation

by Kim Lajoie on July 1, 2012

As promised, I’m increasing the base rate for consultations.

Basically, every consultation involves a studio demo. What that means is that you give me stems for your track, I bring them into my studio and find ways to improve your music, and then I give you a mixdown and a detailed explanation of what I did.

For mix consultations, I’ll tell you every single plugin and processor that I used – and the settings. That’s the exact settings for every EQ, compressor, reverb, limiter, etc. So you can duplicate exactly what I did if you want. Not only that, but I provide an explanation of why each processor was used and why I used it in that particular way with those settings.

For composition consultations, I’ll tell you the reasoning behind every single edit and modification. You’ll learn how each change improves your listener’s experience. It’s not just ‘I played around with it and it sounds better that way’. I’ll go into the psychology of composition techniques such as structure, contour, thematic development, pacing and other techniques.

This is more than just an opportunity to improve one song/track. The goal is to help you learn the techniques and approaches that will improve all your music from that point onwards. That’s why each consultation includes a detailed explanation of the principals behind the suggested changes.

For the people who have had studio demos this year, they’ve found the process to be extremely helpful. Here are some comments I’ve received:

I’m very like you version, and its realy sound more logical I think, the flow is more natural, you make me look at the song structure from the different angle.
You give me very usefull and interesting thoughts about connection with listener, about speaking with him in uderstandable language. To be honest I never thought about it earlier.
Thank you very much againg for detailed studio demo, I’m very happy with your comments.

(I don’t edit these quotes at all)

Thanks for all the advice, really appreciated it, and I have to say it is well worth spending a bit of money for a proper opinion.
I will try incorporate your advice in my new productions and try fix my current ones and I would be happy to ask you for another consultation once I think I have raised the bar for myself again.

I get quite a few people having one consultation, then internalising the new knowledge/perspective and working it into their other songs/tracks. They then come back after a few months for a further consultation, and I can hear the progress they’ve made since last time.

Thanks a lot for that kim, yeah my monitoring enviroment is awful at the moment i am in a uni place so the walls are very thin and cannot feel any bass.

I can usually hear when someone has problems with their monitoring environment. When this is a problem, I provide practical advice for how s/he can improve their monitoring environment without breaking the bank. Most people don’t have massive funds, so I advise on how to get the best bang-for-buck.

There’s a bit more info on this page, but if you’re reading this post here you already know what to expect.

When you’re ready, send an email to consultation at kimlajoie dot com.



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