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Bare Toes Into Soil – The Dust We Share [video]

by Kim Lajoie on August 23, 2012

This is not the 135BPM techno project that I’ve recently started.

This is an atmospheric electronic project I’ve been working on all year. The first video has just been finished (above), and the debut four-track EP is on Bandcamp.

Believe it or not, the Bare Toes Into Soil concept began as minimal electronica. Aside form Lyndal’s gorgeous voice, I’m only using two instruments – Audio Damage’s Phosphor and Image Line’s Drumaxx. In fact, the EP is called ‘Phosphor’, after the synth. Special mention goes to ValahallaDSP’s Übermod and Shimmer. And that’s about it. If there’s anything else I used, you can’t hear it.

While I started out intending to go minimal, my own personal hunger for maximal sound still broke through. The end result sounds minimal compared to my other work, but it’s still pretty thick and dense. It just goes to show – no matter what direction you want to go in, your personal taste will steer you where it wants you to go.

We’re not entirely in control of our creative expression.

Well, at least I’m not. Whatever style I do, it always ends up sounding like me.

On a more practical front, the reason this EP took so long to produce is that I’d actually budgeted to produce up to eight tracks – twice as much as what ended up being released. That’s because I initially started this project with two singers, and one of them ended up not being suitable for the project. And that’s ok. I was expecting something like that to happen – after last year’s long litany of failed and shelved projects, I wanted to set up a project that could survive an otherwise catastrophic failure – the exit of a key collaborator, for example. I wanted to set up a project that no-one could pull the plug on. So I started with two singers. One left. No problem. Lyndal’s happy to keep working with me, but if she decides to move on I can find another vocalist. Or I can do remixes. Or I can release instrumentals until I find someone new. No sweat. The creative direction for the project is not dependent on anyone else.

So I’m really pleased to publish this EP. This video will be the first of many. And Lyndal and I will be recording some interesting covers as well over the next period. I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be loads of fun.

Have you had any projects fall over for reasons beyond your control? Have you since started new projects that are set up to survive similar falls?


5 thoughts on “Bare Toes Into Soil – The Dust We Share [video]

  1. Kim Lajoie says:

    And the Facebook page is here, if that’s how you roll:


  2. lo.mei says:

    always like what you have to offer. This is no exception. Not entirely thrilled with the vocalist/vocals, but just a single opinion among 7 billion, or so.

  3. Kim Lajoie says:

    Cheers. Everything eventually boils down to personal taste. Glad to hear you like the instrumental work.


  4. Hi, I listened to all the tracks – this is definitely the most catchy and addictive among the four, it nails into the head 🙂

    I am not too keen either about the voice tone (a bit too thin for my taste, slightly “chipmunkie”). I see you have worked a lot to “thicken” the vocals in the mid low with reverb/echo (I plan to buy soon something of ValhallaDSP too). Anyway, I like a lot the track.

  5. Kim Lajoie says:

    Hi Mario,

    I know what you mean about Lyndal’s voice. I haven’t processed it much at all – her voice just naturally has that bright character.

    It’s interesting that the reverb sounds like I’m trying to thicken her voice. I didn’t think of it like that at all when I was composing and mixing. It’s probably just the way everything fits together in the mix.

    I approached the vocal reverb almost as a secondary instrument behind the vocals. I’d always intended that a huge ValhallaShimmer would be behind the vocals – I’d decided that even before I’d confirmed Lyndal as the vocalist.


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