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Bare Toes Into Soil – Sarah [video]

by Kim Lajoie on October 29, 2012

I didn’t write this song.

(if you like it, download the song here)

This is a cover of a great song by local (Melbourne) electro-folkers Brightly.

Creatively, this was an interesting project. Even though the song is a cover, we approached it as if it were one of our own. Obviously, the instrumentation and creative direction are all taken out of the Bare Toes Into Soil songbook. Perhaps less obviously, recast the rhythm with a very strong 6/8 feel (compared with the original’s 4/4 feel with a light triplet) and we changed a few of the chords to add some more development and tension.

Last time I wrote about my maximalist tendencies coming through – even when I intended a more stripped-back sparser sound. I think this has happened again, especially in the second verse at 1:58. Those background vocals almost sound a bit Lord Of The Rings. Almost.

From a vocal performance perspective, we approached this song a little differently to the four songs on Phosphor. On Phosphor, I instructed Lyndal to sing as straight as she could.  My approach was to use the cold and technical performance to compliment the similar aesthetic in the synths and percussion. For ‘Sarah’, however, I wanted to know how it would work if I let Lyndal deliver as much colour and shape as possible. And I’m glad I did. Lyndal’s traditionally a funk/soul singer, and she can put a lot of flavour in her performance. I think we’ll be going to this style in future recordings. It just goes to show – sometimes it pays to experiment and try something different. Experiments might not always work, but when they do you’ll be glad you did it.



2 thoughts on “Bare Toes Into Soil – Sarah [video]

  1. Marquis says:

    Great tune. Love the feel. The vocals sound so distant but so present at the same time!

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