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Are you creative and artistic? Stop telling us. Show us.

by Kim Lajoie on December 2, 2013

You’re only creative and artistic if you are actually creating art.

So go and make something.

Make lots of things. Write some songs. Put together a new combination of chords or synths or plugins that you haven’t done before. Present your work to people – on stage to an audience, in the studio for your clients or online with your friends.

That’s what being creative is. Creating things. And that’s what being artistic is. Creating art.

Being creative is not something you should have to tell people. It manifests in your work. It speaks for itself. Ideally, it’s something that other people say about you – not something you say to others about yourself.

If you’re more talk than walk, turn that around. You know who you are. Stop telling us.

Show us.


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