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Another video – inching toward a full song

by Kim Lajoie on June 28, 2015

No, it’s not a full song. But it’s getting closer.

The style is a lot closer to what I’m developing over my next creative period. No longer is the deep atmospheric lumber. That was fun while it lasted. But now I’m taking a turn toward a kind of electro/funk (and eventually pop). Upbeat pop tempo, heavy syncopation, adventurous harmony. Tight crisp drums, enormous synth bass, giddy keyboard chords. And horns (including cheesy brass hits). And maybe some kitschy hip hop samples too.

Anyway, this is also a compositional development on from the previous video. The hardest part was performing the first scene change around 0:48-1:01. In the space of four bars, I had to create a new scene, select the previous drum pattern for that scene and select the polysynth sound again. And then while the new scene was rolling (and I was playing four-note chords with my right hand) I had to create a new pattern, extend it out to four bars, and then arm for recording. With my left hand, too.

Beyond that, I didn’t think much about structure. Each scene loops about four or eight times before switching around. That’s the next challenge – creating a song structure for the performance. I’ll have to have a think about how to do that. It’ll mean having about 4-5 different sections in the performances (intro, verses, choruses, bridge, etc). And obviously I’m limited to recording one part at a time (or am I?). So I’ll have to have a think about how to do it in a way that is multilayered enough to be interesting, but not so much that it’s tedious to watch me add all the layers and lose momentum.

And wouldn’t it be cool to include some live vocals too?


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