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And now, a full song

by Kim Lajoie on July 24, 2015

Well, how about that. It worked out pretty well, considering.

So, Melissa heard the instrumental jam from three weeks ago and offered to add some vocals. She brought some lyric ideas to the first session and we workshopped the song structure. She then spent a couple of weeks practicing and preparing for the recording. The second session we rehearsed for a couple of hours, then started recording. What you’re watching is the fifth take.

We also tried a few ideas. The Kaoss pad was a heap of fun. I set it to a pretty basic delay program and Melissa – having never performed with one before – had a ball scrunching and warping her vocals! In future I’d love to use the KP in a more detailed way – particularly using it as a four-channel looper and perhaps incorporating some of the more oddball effects.

The vocoder toward the end was a first as well. I’m really keen to use the Ultranova’s vocoder for this music, but I think there’s a long way to go. Next time I think I’ll program a patch from scratch, rather than just pick a preset. Also, I’ll try to make the carrier notes actually match the chords, rather than just sit on the tonic. šŸ˜‰

Confession time – this is actually the second song and second vocalist I’ve brought onto this project. The first one we recorded, but I haven’t published because I want to publish a short interview alongside it (which is scheduled for next week). That first one sounded great in the room, but on playback I realised that it’s much too dry! I think I’ve addressed that for this second song, with a bit more delay behind the vocals and synths. It’s fascinating how the sound in the room translates to sound on the recording. I actually thought I’d have more trouble with the vocal level, considering that in the room I was hearing the acoustic sound alongside the processed (and to-be-recorded) sound.

Well, this is why we iterate.


One thought on “And now, a full song

  1. Melissa says:

    Actually. In the space before our first session and our second session… I didn’t practice it at all šŸ˜‰

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