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An update on the compilation and next guide

by Kim Lajoie on September 5, 2013

Ok, I know I was aiming for a mid/end August release, but I’ve been busy (this whole month is booked out) and one of the top ten took a while to provide the unmastered mix.

So anyway, it’s all going ahead. I’ve mastered the whole lot. I should get the artwork sorted and have the whole lot on Bandcamp within a few days. So, it’s near.

In other news, I’m mostly through drafting the next Guide. This one’s going to focus on REVERB. It covers a bunch of stuff I’ve touched on in past blog posts, but I’ve also added a bunch of stuff and updated to my current practices. I’ve also structured it so the whole thing flows like a singular piece of work. It’s currently over 5000 words (and counting), and at the moment is set out with the following sections:

  • The role of reverb
  • Setting up reverb in the mix
    • Sends
    • Inserts
  • Choosing reverb for the mix (this is about listening to the mix and choosing what it needs)
  • Adjusting reverb settings
    • Types of reverb (different algorithms, also convolution vs algorithmic)
    • Available controls (what the controls are, what they’re useful for)
    • Approaches to settings (how to use the settings to deliberately create a specific reverb sound for the mix)
    • Shaping the tone (damping vs eq vs filtering – when to use each)
  • Mixing with multiple reverbs
  • Combining with other effects
    • EQ
    • Delay
    • Compression
    • De-essing
    • Chorus / detuning
  • Alternatives to reverb

Is there anything else you’d like to see added? Obviously, I’m writing this for you so I want to make it as useful and relevant as I can. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know about reverb? Anything you’ve been unclear about that you’d like explained? Let me know.


3 thoughts on “An update on the compilation and next guide

  1. sylvio says:

    To bad my song didn’t get chosen Ill try nxt time Looking forward hearing the compilation though..

  2. Kim Lajoie says:

    Don’t sweat it – keep at it!


  3. Jordan says:

    Very nice, I might have to pick this one up. I actually use Delay a lot for the spacial depth. You should do one one Delay sometime 🙂

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