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Always remember the emotional connection

by Kim Lajoie on February 9, 2015

Why do you make music?

It’s probably not the fame and fortune (well, at least not the fortune). It’s not the stable income or cosy retirement. I hope it’s not because your parents told you to do it.

I’ll bet you’re making music because you love it. You love music, and creating your own music is a logical extension of expressing that love.

But what does that mean – to ‘love’ music? In this context, what is love? It’s not the love you have for another human being – a partner, a parent, a sibling, a child.

Music is a different kind of love. It resonates with us. When we hear music we love, we feel something amazing. It’s not easy to describe, and not everyone feels it. But chances are if you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about.

Of course, music isn’t all feelings. We connect with music on an intellectual level too. As creators ourselves, we are constantly dissecting and analysing the music we listen to. We are trying to understand how someone else made their music so great so we can figure out how to replicate it. Or we’re trying to understand how someone else made their music so terrible so we can figure out how to avoid it. As creators ourselves, we probably connect with music more intellectually than most people. So much so that it’s sometimes easy to lose perspective and get lost in the mechanics of making music.

It’s important to always remember the emotional connection. Remember how good it feels to connect with music! It’s glorious – don’t ever lose that feeling!

And don’t let your audience lose that feeling either.


4 thoughts on “Always remember the emotional connection

  1. Dave says:

    Aside from your more technical posts, which are also nice, these personal ones about your experiences are really great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they can be really helpful, specially on a sunday.

  2. Kim Lajoie says:

    Cheers Dave! Plenty more where that came from…


  3. I’ve always thought that music is one of the ‘weirdest’ things we can experience. We don’t seem to have to learn anything about it or to put it in any context to enjoy it. Even tiny babies enjoy music without any prior knowledge of what ‘it’ is. It seems as though music is actually part of us just as much as your heart and lungs are. And, I think, that’s why we make music – because it’s actually, perhaps, a need just like eating and drinking. The amount of times I’ve spoken to people from all walks of life who have expressed a desire to make music… I think that almost everyone would at least have a go if they had the time and the opportunity. I’ve very rarely come across anyone who is unmoved by music in general.

    I don’t really know exactly why I make music but I can’t imagine not making music and sometimes, I’d rather not intellectually break it down any further than that (although I did above lol!). Music, after all, is proof that magic exists 😉

    A slightly rambling and philosophical response!

  4. Kim Lajoie says:

    Thanks for your response Loz! Music is a truly fascinating phenomenon. I’m pretty sure there’s no human culture that is without music. It reaches somewhere deep within us.


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